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About Us

Through a wide range of disciplines, NC State’s College of Humanities and Social Sciences addresses the challenges of the 21st century. We create new knowledge and educate students to become leaders and responsible citizens who engage in the world around them. We advocate for and support faculty research, scholarship and creativity to ensure a rich environment of discovery. We bring scholarly perspectives to our work with communities, businesses, nonprofits and governments. And we encourage open discussions of ethical questions and foster diversity and cross-cultural understanding.   

With more than 4,300 students, 600 faculty and staff, and more than 34,000 alumni, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences is the second largest college at NC State. 

Our students become critical thinkers. Culturally-sensitive citizens. Engaged leaders across campus, across the state, around the world. Our graduates are prepared to take on careers that require intellectual flexibility, outstanding communication skills, broad knowledge of the world, and a sophisticated understanding of human beings and their challenges.

Our academic departments encompass the liberal arts and the social sciences. Our students and faculty are engaged in exciting scholarship and research. And our alumni? They're simply phenomenal. .

Where can you go with a degree in Humanities and Social Sciences? The sky's the limit. Set your course and find your passion in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. 

Fast Facts

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences …

  •  is the college of choice for talented, top-ranked students from across our state, nation and world. The class of 2017 boasts a 4.30 high school GPA and an average 1211 SAT. More than 40% were in the top 10% of their high school class.
  • awards more undergraduate degrees than any other college at NC State, and ranks third for applications and new enrollments at the graduate level. Learn more about how to apply to our college. 
  •  is the second largest college at NC State, with more than 4,300 students (80% undergraduate, 20% graduate). Plus, every NC State undergrad takes general education classes in humanities and social sciences.
  • encourages study abroad. Our faculty teach for or lead 30% of all study abroad experiences at NC State. 
  • boasts outstanding faculty who are leaders in their fields. Our faculty earn prestigious fellowships and grants to conduct their research and further their scholarship. Meet some of our faculty researchers.  

Learn more about  Humanities and Social Sciences by the Numbers.  


Our college offers undergraduate degrees in a wide range of majors. Where do you want to go? You can follow a tried and true course of study in the liberal arts and social sciences. You might decide to pursue two degrees. Maybe you'll earn an International Studies degree and focus on global perspectives. Or follow an interdisciplinary path and explore how science and technology shape our culture, values and institutions.  

Our outstanding graduate programs range from a highly competitive MFA in Creative Writing to the nationally respected doctoral program in psychology, and from our newly launched Ph.D. program in Public History to the well regarded sociology doctoral program -- the oldest of its kind in the South.

Humanities and Social Sciences graduates are our future. They become our elected officials, our business owners and CEOs, our doctors, lawyers, judges, and counselors, our explorers, writers, teachers and researchers. They are game changers.