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Humanities and Social Sciences in the News

Highlights of recent media coverage of CHASS. Links to online stories provided where available.

COB Professors to Share Expertise in PBS Linguistic Documentary
The Bahamas Weekly, 2015-04-23
NC State's Walt Wolfram is operating as the principal investigator for a special Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) documentary entitled “Talking Black In America” that explores the evolution of African American speech and factors that have influenced it. Walt Wolfram, English, featured.
ISIS Video: New Beheading Footage Has Terrorist with American Accent
Epoch Times, 2015-04-20
NC State linguistics expert says terrorist in ISIS video sounds American with some Arabic influence. Erik Thomas, English, featured.
The Social Science of Diversity
WUNC The State of Things, 2015-04-15
Rupert Nacoste served in the U.S. Navy during military race riots in the 1970s. His commanding officers chose him to facilitate conversations about race relations among his fellow sailors. The experience prompted him to pursue a career as a social psychologist. Rupert Nacose, psychology, featured.
Film captures dying language in NC
Charlotte Observer, 2015-04-07
According to an expert with NC State's North Carolina Language and Life Project, preserving the native language enriches the culture of the Cherokee, once the dominant tribe of the Southeast. Neal Hutcheson, English, featured.
Redistribution of NC Sales Tax Money Praised and Panned
Charlotte Post, 2015-04-02
Lawmakers clash with Governor McCrory over a proposal to take away the local portion of sales taxes. Andy Taylor, political science, featured.
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