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CHASS in the News

Highlights of recent media coverage of CHASS. Links to online stories provided where available.

Brace yourself: Study finds people can use different strategies to prepare for stress
Meidcal Xpress, Live Science, 2015-02-19
NC State study finds that people are not consistent in how they prepare mentally to deal with arguments and other stressors, with each individual displaying a variety of coping behaviors. Shevaun Neupert, psychology, featured.
Possible American Accent in ISIS video
ABC News, Daily Mail, Melbourne Herald Sun, New York Post, etc, 2015-02-19
U.S. intelligence officials are analyzing facial features and speech patterns of the masked man who spoke in a recent ISIS video to determine who he is, and if he could be one of ISIS's American recruits. Erik Thomas, linguistics, featured.
Homeless Children's Stress Is Taking Its Toll
Medical Daily, The State, Healio Psychiatric Annals, EurekAlert, News and Observer , 2015-02-19
NC State study finds that 25 percent of homeless kids need mental health services as soon as possible. Mary E. Haskett, psychology, featured.
9 things no one tells you about losing weight
CNN, 2015-02-18
In a 2013 NC State study, researchers found that although dropping 60 pounds or more in two years or less usually improved couples' relationships, occasionally a dieter's partner felt jealous or threatened. Research by Lynsey Romo, communication, featured.
An Insider's Look at the Creative Writing MFA at NC State
In the Margins podcast, 2015-02-17
There are many ways to learn the craft of writing. Here's a close look at NC State's graduate program specializing in the art of poetry and fiction. Dorianne Laux and John Kessell, English, featured.
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