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CHASS in the News

Highlights of recent media coverage of CHASS. Links to online stories provided where available.

Study suggests an hour of video games a day makes kids better-adjusted
Chattanooga Times Free Press, 2014-09-16
Contrary to their prediction in pop culture, participants in massively multiplayer online roleplaying games aren't antisocial basement dwellers but highly social people. Nick Taylor, communications, featured.
Childhood mentors have positive impact on career success
Business News Daily, Phys.Org, , 2014-09-11
NC State research finds that young people who have had mentors are more likely to find work early in their careers that gives them more responsibility and autonomy. Steve McDonald and Joshua Lambert, sociology and anthropology, featured.
A national expert in human remains: Ann Ross
The Independent Weekly, 2014-09-06
NC State forensic expert examines skeletal remains to uncover the cause of death. Ann Ross, sociology and anthropology, featured.
Family meals may be stressful for many households
New York Times, US News and World Report, New York Post, WORLD Magazine, Time, Free Press Journal, Daily Mail, Red Orbit, Eureka Science, etc, 2014-09-04
Home cooking and family meal times are too stressful for millions of families to cope with. Sarah Bowen and Sinikka Elliott, sociology and anthropology, featured.
Ad update: Setting a negative tone
WRAL, 2014-08-26
There has been a shift in the tone of campaign ads lately, with only two-thirds of those aired so far in August tagged as explicitly negative. Steven Greene, political science, featured
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