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Undecided Majors

Each year, some 35 - 40% of entering students have not yet identified a specific major course of study. Are you one of them? If so, our advice is to explore potential majors by taking courses across the CHASS Basic Requirements and electives to find an area particularly suited to you.

As an undeclared student, you should take advantage of a variety of workshops and courses, and seek out the guidance of University Career Services to help you identify a specific major suited to your longer-term goals.

We also encourage students who have identified a major to take a variety of courses from the CHASS Basic Requirements. You may change your major at any point during your academic experience at NC State. Some major courses of study are structured and require an early decision to complete the requirements in four years. Even if you choose a more loosely structured major, you may find that changing your major can delay your graduation. We strongly encourage all our students to declare a major to which you are committed by the outset of your junior year.

If you would like guidance with your questions and concerns, please contact:

Dara Leeder
Director of Student Recruitment and Development
106 Caldwell Hall, Box 8101