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Advertise Your Event

Please submit your event info (or have a staff person do so) using the College Calendar System.  You can access this form from anywhere on the college calendar by hitting the blue "Submit an Event" link.

Please do not use pictures or other graphics, bold, italics or double spacing. You'll see a spot there for a web link where you can send people for more info.

Make sure that “Humanities and Social Sciences” is checked at the bottom of the form. Otherwise, we won’t see your event in the system.

Once we receive and approve the calendar items, we can display them not only on the college calendar, but also in the "Upcoming in Humanities and Social Sciences" email blast we send out on Mondays during the regular semester to all college faculty, staff, students, and to campus leadership and friends of the college about events in the coming two weeks. (Please note that “Upcoming” events should have some tie to the college. While there are many interesting and important events on campus, the ones we publicize are sponsored by programs or faculty within the college.)

Your events will also be pulled into the college billboard system -- but note that unless you have kept the details very brief, only your event's headline and the web link will appear on the slides.

If you would like a fancier slide with an image that you choose -- and to submit slides to the university's billboard system, instructions on creating a slide and submitting it are here:

How to create a slide:http://it.chass.ncsu.edu/faqs/create_billboard.php
How to submit a slide:http://it.chass.ncsu.edu/faqs/submit_billboard.php

Keep the copy to a minimum and include a web address where people can get more info.