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Support Our Dean's Scholars

Your gift to support our Dean’s Scholars will aid top students on campus, in the community and abroad. The Dean’s Scholar Award is a merit-based scholarship for top incoming freshmen, who use half of the funds to offset tuition and the other half for hands-on learning experiences such as study abroad, internships or research.

Since its inception in 2012, the Dean’s Scholar Award program — supported by the Humanities and Social Sciences Excellence Fund — has enabled us to recruit dozens of top students who are leaders, creative thinkers and doers. Help us continue to create a community of engaged and ambitious learners. 

Support our Scholars

Madison Phillips

Madison Phillips (history '20)

“This award made my attendance to NC State more feasible, and it made me feel wanted by the university. With the $2,000 set aside for enrichment activities, I will be able to travel abroad or have a head start in funds for research. I am very excited to take control of my future, and this award will help with my financial need.”

Megan Angevine

Megan Angevine (international studies '19)

“This award will assist me in studying abroad either my junior or senior year — a necessity when studying international relations — and will allow me save my money for my trip overseas rather than having to put it all toward tuition.”

Natalie Martin

Natalie Martin (communication '20)

“A goal of mine since I was young has been to become fluent in Spanish. I know the best way to reach fluency in a language is to immerse yourself in the language, which I have not yet had the opportunity to do. With the Dean's Scholar Award, I receive $2,000 toward a study abroad experience during my junior or senior year. I am thrilled to travel abroad, as I have never been able to do so, and immerse myself in the Spanish language while learning more about Hispanic culture.”

Our Scholars

Our Dean’s Scholar Award recipients are top high school seniors who have demonstrated excellence in the classroom. Candidates often have a math and reading SAT score of at least 1300, a weighted GPA of at least 4.4 and a class rank in the top 10-12 percent. 

  • Alexandra Gaines, English
  • Colin Gravelle, anthropology
  • Emily Hench, English
  • James Merritt, communication
  • Walker Winslow, international studies
  • Noah Wright, history
  • Natalie Martin, psychology
  • Alexandra Matthews, psychology
  • Madison Phillips, history
  • Megan Wong, psychology
  • Megan Angevine, international studies
  • Marissa Brinkman, psychology
  • Jessica Kronz, anthropology
  • Sandhya Kumar, political science
  • Cate Rivers, English  
  • Alyssa Vincent, Asian language and literature
  • Manning Peeler, history
  • Michael Sanza, political science 
  • Daniel Baucom, psychology
  • Carmen Brown, psychology
  • Estefania Castro-Vazquez, communication and plant biology
  • Logan Hamrick, foreign language and literature
  • Amanda Lilley, nonprofit studies and business administration
  • William Maness, history
  • Olivia Rudiak, English
  • Katherine Waller, English
  • Anita Adams, English
  • Allen Kishpaugh, communication
  • Stephanie Milosh, English
  • Brianna Teague, English