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Our college is home to more than 600 faculty. They’re our scholars, researchers, teachers and public intellectuals. They’re highly engaged in the world around us. They mentor students and change lives. They’re called upon regularly for their expertise and their insightful perspectives. Your gifts help us recruit, retain and support the brightest minds from around the world, empowering them to create new knowledge and share their expertise within and far beyond the classroom.

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Why Professorships Matter

Jennifer Kuzma

Bringing Perspective to Biotech

Jennifer Kuzma studies governance systems for regulating emerging technologies, particularly genetic engineering for environmental, agricultural, health and industrial applications. The co-founder of NC State’s Genetic Engineering and Society Center and the college’s Goodnight-North Carolina GlaxoSmithKline Foundation Distinguished Professor, Kuzma has authored more than 100 scholarly articles in the field and regularly lends her expertise to the media and groups such as the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine. 

Akram Khater

Informing Today's Discourse on Immigration

At NC State’s Moise A. Khayrallah Center for Lebanese Diaspora Studies, Akram Khater and his team of researchers use data to preserve and share the clearest, most honest histories of Arab-Americans. Khater, the college’s Khayrallah Distinguished Professor in Lebanese Diaspora Studies, has directed educational documentaries and exhibits about the longstanding history of Arabs in America. During his time at NC State, he’s also delivered more than 400 public talks about contemporary issues such as immigration. 

Walt Wolfram

Embracing Language Diversity

Since establishing the North Carolina Language and Life Project in 1993, Walt Wolfram (pictured) has produced research, documentaries, education programs and museum exhibits that help expand the public’s understanding of diverse languages, dialects and accents. The university’s William C. Friday Distinguished Professor of English, Wolfram helps us understand how language speaks to who we are, where we come from and how we relate. And he encourages us to recognize and celebrate our linguistic diversity.

The Power of Professorships

Endowed faculty positions are invaluable. They ensure we can attract and retain leading scholars who, in turn, attract other top faculty and students. In addition to salary support for top faculty, endowed positions also provide vital discretionary funds scholars can use toward their research, conference travel and other professional needs. 

Our Professorships

  • William C. Friday Distinguished Professorship
  • Goodnight-North Carolina GlaxoSmithKline Foundation Distinguished Professorship
  • Moise A. Khayrallah Distinguished Professorship in Lebanese Diaspora Studies
  • William T. Kretzer Distinguished Professorship
  • Bob and Carol Mattocks Distinguished Professorship in Nonprofit Leadership
  • SAS Institute Distinguished Professorship of Rhetoric and Technical Communication

Endowed faculty awards support faculty as well, enabling them to extend their scholarship, research, teaching and mentoring.

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One Professor's Story

Leadership in Public Science

Who better than a communication scholar to study the ways in which scientists and the public communicate with each other — and how those communications shape both science and the way people view it?

Jean Goodwin, the SAS Institute Distinguished Professor of Rhetoric and Technical Communication, has done research in a variety of areas — often aimed at understanding how people can share information effectively, even when they disagree. Given the heated public debates surrounding many scientific topics, that’s a healthy perspective.