Explore International Programs in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences 

Here are some hallmarks of our international activities....

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences has a deep commitment to internationalization, covering the world across nine academic departments and ten interdisciplinary undergraduate degree options.  The interdisciplinary programs include African, International and Middle East studies.   The International Studies major is the fastest growing program in the College, approaching 350 students in just five years of operation.  CHASS also offers a Master's degree of International Studies housed in the School of Public and International Affairs .

Highlights from other departments include 12 different languages taught by Foreign Languages and Literature, as well as master’s degrees in Spanish and French.  The Anthropology master’s program includes concentrations in bioarcheology, cultural and environmental anthropology, and provides field experiences in the West Indies, Thailand and Guatemala.   The graduate program in Sociology includes a focus on global social change and development as a program concentration.   The History department offers over 100 non-US history undergraduate and graduate courses, with over half of their faculty specializing in some aspect of international history.

The Department of Communication, one of the largest in the college, prepares students to effectively respond to the challenges of the international environment with courses in cross cultural communication and international public relations. The Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies offer in-depth understanding of diverse religions and the philosophical questions facing the world today.  There are also numerous courses in Psychology, English and Social Work that focus on international content and are represented in their various undergraduate and master’s degree programs. 

CHASS is the university leader in sponsorship of study abroad with over 30 programs currently operating from Cuernavaca, Mexico to Accra, Ghana.  Additionally, CHASS students represent the greatest proportion of students participating in Study Abroad university- wide as well.   The following list of upcoming CHASS Study Abroad programs highlights these offerings.

CHASS Study Abroad Programs 

CHASS Study Abroad Programs for 2014-2015 are due for review.