Take Charge

From the day you arrive for orientation to the moment you claim your well-earned diploma, you’ve got our support. We’ll encourage you to take control of your academic experience – to leverage the expertise and knowledge of your advisers; to seek assistance and guidance from the many resources available to you; and to pursue internships, scholarships and other opportunities that will inspire you and propel your growth.


Think and Do


Our students work hard in the classroom. But that’s not enough for them. They’re constantly looking for ways to apply what they’re learning and to explore the world around them.

Join a club and network with peers and potential mentors while you serve others.

Show up for performances, lectures, debates, poetry readings … Stay open to finding new interests and  experiencing college to its fullest.

Study abroad and gain a broader perspective.

Get an internship and try out different career possibilities.

Conduct research and develop your curiosity while you work on solutions to serious issues. 

Become an ambassador and develop your leadership skills as you represent the college. 

Gain a Global Outlook

Across campus, our college is a leader in students who study abroad.

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