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Contractual Readmission - College Deadlines and Procedures

College Application Dates for Contractual Readmission
Desired Return Term College Deadline
Fall May 15
Spring October 15
Summer March 15

NOTE: If the 15th falls on a weekend day, the observed due date will be the Monday immediately after the 15th.

Overview of Procedures for Contractual Readmission

  • The student meets with the Director of Undergraduate Advising in the department of the major in which the desired graduation major resides to discuss the possibility of returning under contractual readmission. Departments can require the student to submit their letter for the readmission committee to the department for review prior to agreeing to meet. Departments are under no obligation to consider contractual readmission requests.
  • If the department supports the student's request for contractual readmission, the department works with the student to develop a plan of course work through graduation. The plan must include all courses and requirements remaining. If the student has transfer credit that is not reflected yet in MyPack Portal, the courses should still be listed on the required courses section of the plan and a note can be made to indicate that the student is planning to fulfill those requirements through transfer credits.
  • The supporting department must write a letter of support and give to the student for inclusion in their submission to the college (college-specific requirement).
  • The student submits the full packet (signed cover sheet, plan of study, student letter, department letter, and any other information the student wishes to submit, for example, a professional resume or transcripts for courses taken while away from NC State to demonstrate success since their previous time here as students) to the receptionist in Caldwell 106. While there, the student makes an appointment with the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs for a different day (time is needed to review and potentially make inquiries before meeting with student).
  • The student returns to meet with the Assistant Dean. If supported, the student will be directed to the College Student Services Manager for final college processing before leaving with the fully signed paperwork.
  • The student then takes the fully signed paperwork to the Readmission Coordinators in Registration and Records (1000 Harris Hall).