Our students aim high, and scholarships help them reach their goals. The college offers various merit and need-based scholarships, enabling students to study abroad, conduct research and in many cases, pay their tuition and meet their financial obligations.

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Freshman Awards

Spotlight on Dean's Scholar

Freshman Award Makes Dreams Possible

Alyssa Vincent is studying abroad in Japan thanks to the Dean’s Scholar Program.

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The college awards a limited number of scholarships to first-year students. 

  • Dean's Scholar Award (for incoming freshmen in any Humanities and Social Sciences major)
  • J. Carlie Adams Scholarship (for incoming freshmen in any Humanities and Social Sciences major)
  • Slater E. Newman Scholarship (for incoming freshmen with a Psychology major)
  • Dewayne and Adama Washington Scholarship (for incoming freshmen in any Humanities and Social Sciences major)

There is no application form for these scholarships; application for admission to NC State in a College of Humanities and Social Sciences curriculum by Oct. 15 constitutes application.

College Merit Scholarships

The college offers a limited number of merit-based scholarships to students who have completed at least 12 letter-graded credit hours at NC State. The application process is managed by the college Dean’s Office once per year in March/April. Most recipients are notified by late April. Merit applicants must be full-time students and have an NC State GPA of at least 3.5. Leadership, extracurricular involvement, volunteer activities and letters of recommendation are also considered. Additional criteria may apply. 

Scholarship applications are available in Pack ASSIST (scholarship portal managed by the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid).  Eligible applicants must complete both the General Scholarship Application and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences Scholarship Application.

With the exception of the Franklin, Holtzman, Medlin, and Shelton awards, there is one application for the nearly two-dozen merit scholarships offered by the college. The Franklin and Medlin scholarships are open only to communication majors and include additional application questions (available on PackASSIST). Shelton scholarships also include additional questions (on PackASSIST). The Holtzman scholarships require a paper application, usually available in early March.

  • Bess B. and Lynton Y. Ballentine Scholarship
  • Linda P. Brady Scholarship
  • Nathaniel C. and Blanche P. Browder Scholarship
  • Jenny Cheng Scholarship
  • College of Humanities and Social Sciences Dean’s Board Scholarship
  • College of Humanities and Social Sciences Dean’s Scholarship
  • College of Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty Scholarship
  • William S. and Lesa C. Edwards Scholarship
  • Frances W. and Gerald O. T. Erdahl Memorial Scholarship
  • William G. Franklin Scholarship (for Communication majors)
  • General Hugh Shelton/Kimberly M. Jessup Memorial Scholarship (must also complete the Shelton Scholarship application)
  • Daniel C. Gunter, Jr. Scholarship
  • Abraham Holtzman Scholarship, sponsored by the college’s Student Council
  • Jean F. Kilgore Scholarship
  • William T. Kretzer Family Scholarship
  • Kara Ruth Medlin Memorial Scholarship (for Communication majors)
  • Carol Johnson Poole Scholarship
  • Dr. Reginald Ponder Scholarship
  • The Remmey Family Scholarship (for History majors)
  • Perry and Susan Safran Scholarship in Pre-Law Studies
  • Brandon Lee Sova Memorial Scholarship
  • Weiler Evans Teaching Scholarship (for Teaching Education majors)
  • Zuiches Family/General H. Hugh Shelton Scholarship (must also complete the Shelton Scholarship application)

Apply Through PackAssist
For more information on college merit scholarships, contact Dara Leeder at 919-515-3638.

Study Abroad Awards

The world is a wide and wonderful place that’s well worth exploring. To help you experience other cultures, the college supports study abroad through these and other scholarships.   

  • Anthropology Program in Guatemala — Lake Atitlan Ethnographic Field School Scholarship
  • College of Humanities and Social Sciences Study Abroad Scholarship
  • Laura Roy and Lynn Daniel Travel Award
  • Sharda and Mohan Sawhney Scholarship
  • L.I. Felner Award
  • Paula G. Cothren Global Scholarship

Apply through NC State Study Abroad

Departmental Awards

Our departments also award scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students. Awards may be based on merit and/or need, or enrollment in a specific curriculum. Please contact a specific department for more information about available scholarships, award criteria and application processes.

  • Norma and Wally Ausley Scholarship
  • C.A. Dillon, Jr. Scholarship
  • Charlotte Ann and Thomas Elleman Scholarship
  • Joe S. Epley Scholarship
  • Bob Larson Communication Award
  • Rebecca and Ruth C. Leonard Scholarship
  • Long, Javidi, Prospects and PRSSA Scholarship
  • Nancy and Melinda Snow Scholarship

Phone: 919-515-9736
Office: 201 Winston Hall

Learn More about communication scholarships

  • A.M. Fountain Award
  • English Interns Scholarship
  • Eugene H. Harrison Scholarship
  • Robbie S. Knott Fellowship (graduate support)
  • Guy Owen Memorial Scholarship
  • Bruce and Marjorie Petesch Fellowship (graduate support)

Phone: 919-515-3866
Office: 221 Tompkins Hall

Learn more about english scholarhips

  • Diane Fagin Adler Francophile Scholarship (for Study Abroad)
  • L.I. Felner Award (for Study Abroad)
  • Arlene Malinowski Award (Foreign Language Education) 

Phone: 919-515-2475 
Office: 310 Withers Hall

Learn more about foreign languages and literatures scholarhips

  • Mary Lee and Luther Barnhardt Award (graduate support)

Phone: 919-515-2483
Office: 350 Withers Hall

  • John O. Cook Memorial Award (for undergraduate research)
  • John O. Cook Award (graduate support)
  • Suniti-Anand Gupta Scholarship (graduate support)
  • McGehee, Moffie, Barkley Award (graduate support)
  • Psychology Award in Honor of Denis Gray (graduate support)
  • Psychology Emeritus Award (graduate support)
  • Dr. Larry Upton Scholarship

Phone: 919-515-2251
Office: 640 Poe Hall

  • Paula G. Cothren Global Scholarship (for study abroad)
  • Susan E. Carter Scholarship
  • Donald C. Grubb Scholarship
  • Latta Washington Internship Award
  • MPA Alumni Society Scholarship (graduate support)
  • Robert J. Pleasants Scholarship
  • Oliver Williams Scholarship

Phone: 919-515-2481
Office: 212 Caldwell Hall

  • Leland E. and Nancy Garrett Scholarship (graduate support)
  • Social Work Program in Guatemala Award (for study abroad)

Phone: 919-515-2492
Office: 205 1911 Building

  • Gary D. Hill Scholarship
  • Anthropology Program in Guatemala Award (for study abroad)

Phone: 919-515-3180
Office: 334 1911 Building

  • Kristin G. Replogle Nonprofit Internship Award

Phone: 919-513-7031

  • Balfour Beatty Construction/Centex Homes Scholarship
  • James F. Kelly Sr. Scholarship

Learn more about the Benjamin Franklin Scholars Program

University Awards

In addition to the awards available at the college and departmental levels, NC State offers several university-wide awards to students, including the prestigious Park Scholarship, a four-year scholarship awarded for outstanding accomplishments and potential in scholarship, leadership, service and character, and the Caldwell Fellowship, a three-year scholarship awarded during a student’s freshman year. 

The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid assists students and parents in applying for and securing financial assistance when family resources are insufficient to meet educational expenses.